How efficient is your craft labor? You won’t know if your labor utilization is efficient unless you study what’s actually happening on the ground and impacting performance. Improving your efficiency in this area can result in dramatic ROI benefits.


For example:

–  Having fewer exposure hours can increase your safety performance

–  Lowering labor cost reduces your Total Installed Cost

–  Reducing labor-hour waste shortens project duration

–  Having less unpredictability improves execution control management

–  Having less craft down-time during times allotted for production pushes construction progress along faster without hiring more craft workers

–  Improving craft utilization efficiency mitigates the effects of the current craft labor shortage





Our Time on Tools activity analysis process, which utilizes established work-sampling protocols, will quantify how craft utilization inefficiencies are negatively impacting your bottom line. The data reveals all.


Because Time on Tools activity analysis provides almost real-time feedback on craft worker performance, you’ll be able to quickly see how best to improve craft productivity, leveraging statistics to increase direct activity and expedite progress. Increasing “wrench time” drives construction progress forward at a faster rate, reducing your Total Installed Cost for construction projects anywhere in the world today. You will:

–  Receive more “hands on” direct work from the craft — without hiring more craft workers

–  Improve safety and craft productivity by increasing the availability of your foreman to the crew

–  Improve your work execution planning capabilities to yield greater worker efficiencies

–  Find clear correlations between improvements to craft workers’ time on tools and earned value progress in your project controls systems.




Gain Insight Through Data


Statistical estimates of craft activity as well as foreman’s actual time at the work face can be illuminating, serving to initiate changes that can have a measurable impact on the project. Below are just two examples of reports we do to give our clients insight into potential inefficiencies that need to be addressed.





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