Construct-X – The Authority in Advanced Work Packaging for Construction (AWP)

Advanced Work Packaging


From CAPEX into OPEX – Construct-X AWP methodologies are statistically proven to deliver a 100 million is savings for every billion spent. Leading owner/operators are deriving these benefits and so should your organization.

Construct-X AWP enables a level of proactive control that was not previously possible. Know ahead of time where the project needs intervention and dynamic control instead of finding out after the fact from your partners and project managers the project is in trouble. We are empowering leading owners to capture savings, safety, efficiency and visibility on capital programs and can work with your team with a holistic programmatic solution bringing together:



This is not an “all or nothing “ exercise. It is a matter of taking the steps towards a continuous improvement in your capital projects delivery. Our mission is to get our clients achieving breakthrough step change improvements year-after-year through Construct-X AWP.

The CEO’s Perspective

As an Owner/Operator I am hiring all these companies to build this project but at the end of the day, they focus on what’s in it for them. Construct-X AWP provides a set of activity ensuring the value is delivered most optimally to the project as a whole while still ensuring that stakeholders also benefit. A holistic “WIN/WIN” that ensures communication and collaboration are heightened across stakeholders eliminating the significant waste that drives significant savings.

Construct-X AWP achieves continuous sustained performance improvement in the way projects are delivered through alignment across all project stakeholders.

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