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Construction is a multi-faceted dynamic sector with many complexities. The goal is always to optimize the project, build it right, on plan, on budget, and on time – this requires a high performance team to make it happen.

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Historical About Construct-X:
Our Journey

Construct-X is the premiere AWP/Lean program and systems expert, supporting owners and their EPC / Contractor partners to realize high benefits from AWP setup, work processes, technology and data-driven implementations. Construct-X contributions leveraging our  approach in AWP/Lean have led to superior results for Construct-X clients to-date.

Founded by the inventors and pioneers of break- through AWP technology and work process methodologies, Construct-X is in a unique position to support this market demand. Over the span of a decade, Construct-X has been afforded the opportunity to work with leading owners and their contractor partners in leveraging a wide range of AWP technologies. 

Ted Blackmon

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ted Blackmon, PhD, helped to pioneer the entire market for Advanced Work Packaging, AWP, with the invention of the ConstructSimTM  and OpSimTM platforms that drew upon his success with the Mars Pathfinder Mission at NASA. His software platforms were so highly recognized in the marketplace, their acquisition became the industry’s cornerstone for many years.

Fernando Espana


President Fernando Espana brings deep insight into the construction industry’s challenges drawn from over 30 years working in facilitation, implementation, monitoring, and optimization of AWP and Lean solutions.He has partnered with industry and technology leaders to develop and advance leading edge solutions that provide competitive advantage.

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Construct-X Services: Who We Serve

Construct-X serves a wide variety of companies and organizations in various industries from a single project, a portfolio of projects to giga projects. 

We serve multiple industries to drive step-change improvements in capital project delivery that meet owner objectives including environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Establish an enabling baseline AWP / Lean owner oversight program to drive success to your EPCs, Contractors, Subcontractors, and other key supply chain partners by providing the proper governance and structure to support your organization’s program objectives.

Increase value delivered through better managing the workflow complexities and dynamics of projects across all project stakeholders and their supply chain partners.

As owners and EPCs are increasingly adopting AWP/Lean methodologies, gain a competitive advantage by becoming an effective supply chain partner, by properly supporting these methodologies to execute a project on-schedule and on-budget.

Provide critical information in real-time to better support client requirements and corporate initiatives. Deliver the right products, at the right time, to the right location with high customer satisfaction.

Construct-X Sustainability & Social Responsibility

As global awareness of sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations continues to grow, we believe that we all have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future. At Construct-X, we approach this challenge by leveraging advanced work packaging (AWP) and Lean Thinking to drive effective solutions that can reduce the carbon footprint of capital programs and projects. Our vision is built on three pillars – people, process, and technology – and we strive to harness the power of these elements to promote value generation, waste reduction, safety, and sustainability.

At Construct-X, we are passionate advocates for sustainability and believe that it is our responsibility to apply methods that promote transparency and elevate Construction Sustainability as a Business Imperative. We take a consultancy approach to sustainability, partnering with businesses to understand their unique needs and goals, and working collaboratively to develop solutions that support their transition to a more sustainable future. As a partner in the Jovian Network of companies, we invest in and build businesses that share our vision of a more sustainable world.

Join us in this mission to build a more sustainable future for all!