Education & Training

Comprehensive Education, Training & Coaching programs targeting executives, project leaders and team members around AWP and Lean methodologies introducing tools, processes and policies both in real and virtual classrooms settings. 

We make a long-term commitment to the learning journey of our partners who have adopted a continuous education plan.

Construct-X :
Training Process

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Executives, project leaders and team members

Our education and training modules are designed to help executives, project leaders, and team members understand and apply Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Lean Construction methodologies in their work. Our modules introduce a range of tools, processes, and policies related to these methodologies and are delivered in both real and virtual classroom settings to accommodate the needs of different learners. Our modules are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and project teams. They are configured to effectively adopt AWP and Lean principles in their work. Learners can earn industry recognized AWP certifications and maintain their professional accreditation.

  • AWP Executive Leadership Workshop
  • AWP Project Leadership Workshop
  • AWP Fundamentals – Classroom Training for AWP Core Teams
  • AWP Simulation Training for WFP Core Team
  • AWP Fundamentals – Classroom Training for AWP/WFP Implementation teams
  • AWP Education, Training and Implementation Support for Integrated Project Planning (IPP) and Short-Range Production Planning (SRPP) and other Lean Construction principles and techniques
  • AWP Technology Training – Construction Automation Tools
  • AWP On-premise Program Coaching
  • Access to self-paced Learning Management Systems

Education & Training: Key Success Indicators

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Lean methodologies are becoming increasingly popular in organizations looking to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and  optimize project delivery. These approaches involve continuous improvement and addressing the critical people, process, technology and culture factors that affect the direct outcome of projects.

To support the implementation of AWP and Lean, Construct-X provides education and training, particularly to executives, project leaders, and team members who will be responsible for successful implementation. 

  • Introduction to AWP and Lean methodologies: These modules provide an overview of the principles and practices of AWP and Lean, including their history and key concepts such as Path of Construction, Constraint Management and Work Package Development to name a few. Participants learn how these methodologies can be applied in their organizations to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase the performance reliability and predictability.

  • Tools and processes for implementing AWP and Lean: In these modules, participants learn about specific tools and processes that can be used to implement AWP and Lean in their organizations. 

  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement: These modules focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement within an organization. Participants learn how to encourage and support employee engagement in continuous improvement activities, and how to leverage KPIs and other AWP analytics to make better decisions and take actionable measures.

  • Policies and procedures for implementing AWP and Lean: In these configured modules, we work with participants to address policies and procedures that are necessary to support the successful implementation of AWP and Lean in their organizations. This may include training on how to create and maintain documentation, how to conduct meetings and reviews, and how to handle conflicts and challenges that may arise during the implementation process.

Overall, education and training programs around AWP and Lean methodologies can help organizations effectively implement these approaches and drive continuous improvement. By providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, organizations can create a culture of excellence and drive business results.

Strategic Workflow

This workshop is designed for executives and is focused on introducing the principles and benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) across the entire project lifecycle and how it can be successfully implemented in their organization.

This workshop is aimed at project leaders and is focused on teaching the skills and knowledge needed to successfully implement AWP on capital projects. The workshop covers topics such as path of construction planning, workface planning, and the use of construction automation tools to support an AWP approach.

This is designed for the core team responsible for implementing AWP on capital projects. The class covers the fundamentals of AWP, including the principles and benefits of the approach, understanding organizational roles and responsibilities, how to effectively plan and execute work using an AWP methodology, and the use of construction automation tools to support the process.

This training is designed to provide hands-on experience with the tools and processes used in an AWP approach. Participants will work through a simulated project, using practical exercises based on the principles and techniques learned in the AWP Fundamentals course to plan and execute work.

This classroom training is designed for field and support team members who will be involved in the implementation of AWP on a project. The course covers the same topics as the AWP Core Team training, with greater emphasis on implementing specific roles and responsibilities of field and support team members in the AWP process.

This training is focused on teaching the principles and techniques of AWP and Lean Construction, with a particular emphasis on IPP and SRPP. Participants will learn how to use these techniques to improve project planning and execution, and will receive support in implementing these approaches on their projects.

This training covers the use of construction automation tools to support an AWP approach, data requirements and their digital transformation initiatives. Participants will learn how to effectively use these tools to plan and execute work, track progress, and monitor project performance through advance dashboards and visualization tools.

This “learn by doing” offering provides ongoing support and coaching to organizations implementing AWP on their capital projects. A team of experts will work with your organization over the program lifecycle to ensure implementation milestones are achieved, by working directly with your personnel to ramp up their understanding and application of their role.

In alignment with your AWP journey, we tailor access to LMS programs to support your education and training objectives. It serves to enhance AWP knowledge base throughout the organization. Participants can earn industry recognized certifications and continuing education units.