Construct-X Team

Our team is led by acknowledged industry experts who helped pioneer AWP. Our executive team serves as a vanguard in the industry for both process and technology innovation. Working with Construct-X gives you access to our unparalleled expertise to optimize your project’s success.

Historical About Construct-X:
Our Journey

Construct-X is the premiere systems integration expert in AWP, supporting owners and their EPC / Contractor partners to realize high benefits from AWP work processes, technology and data-driven implementations. Several key aspects of the Construct-X approach in AWP have helped lead to superior results for Construct-X clients to-date.

Founded by the inventors and pioneers of break- through AWP technology and work process methodologies, Construct-X was in a unique position to support this market demand. Over the span of a decade, Construct-X has been afforded the opportunity to work with leading owners and their contractor partners in leveraging a wide range of AWP technologies. As such Construct-X has implemented and supported nearly all technology vendors in the AWP space.

Ted Blackmon

Founder & CEO

Founder Ted Blackmon, is one of the world’s leading AWP and Lean Construction advocates and thinkers. His vision is our guide, focusing on scalable and reliable adoption methodology and advancing the industry to the next level.

Fernando Espana


Construct-X President Fernando Espana brings deep insight into the construction industry’s challenges drawn from over 30 years working in facilitation, implementation, monitoring, and optimization of AWP and Lean solutions.