AWP Toolkit

To enhance your Advanced Work Packaging program, your organization requires a comprehensive set of enabling tools. 

Construct-X has developed the most advanced AWP toolkit based on our decades of project experience, industry knowledge and practical application. 

Developing an AWP toolkit should be a top priority as it will be important to the success of your AWP program. Leverage our AWP toolkit to jumpstart or accelerate your journey.

Start Correctly : Empower your team

At Construct-X, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive set of enabling tools for your Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program. Drawing on our extensive project experience, we have developed the most advanced AWP toolkit in the market that will empower your team to confidently deliver on its AWP goals.

Our toolkit consists of a set of defined AWP Best Practices Guidelines, Digital Playbooks, AWP Procedures, Contract Guidelines, AWP Organizational Guides, Assessment Tools and more that an organization will require to successfully implement AWP. Ideally this toolkit is preconfigured to meet your organization’s needs. It can be deployed as a plug and play product that can immediately jumpstart your program and accelerate your journey.

Many of our clients look to Construct-X to assist in the configuration, integration and adaptation of the AWP Toolkit to achieve their organization or project specific goals and AWP initiatives. Our team conducts a detailed analysis and evaluation to assess your organization’s AWP readiness and then prepares the necessary materials and delivers the tailor-made toolkit in a web-based environment. Our globally diverse team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work directly with your team through effective communication and collaboration to seamlessly deliver your AWP Toolkit. 

  • Assessment Tools
  • AWP Best Practices
  • Digital Playbooks
  • AWP Procedures
  • Contract Guidelines
  • AWP Roles
  • AWP Org Overlay
  • RASCI Matrix

Key activities and deliverables in this step include:

Proven AWP best practices to be applied will extend from preliminary planning and design, detailed design and engineering, vendor supply, and fabrication construction execution through commissioning and startup.

Leverage the Construct-X AWP Toolkit to empower the first-generation AWP Program for our partners with Best-in-Class capability, spanning all elements of People, Process, Technology and Culture related to project performance improvement through AWP methodologies.

Assessment Tools:

Critical to the success of your AWP program, is understanding the capabilities of you or your partners and the readiness to embark on or advance your AWP/Lean journey.

Our assessment tools and approach are designed to evaluate your current state and identify your desired future state in order to develop a prioritized roadmap with clearly defined KPIs and goals.

AWP Best Practices:

Our enhanced AWP best practices and mapped processes extend from preliminary planning and design, detailed design and engineering, vendor supply, and fabrication construction execution through commissioning and startup.

Digital Playbooks:

Construct-X has developed a set of Role-Based Playbooks that enable team members to focus on their specific role and capability and how they contribute to an AWP implementation. Integrated Playbooks are available for:

  • Construction Management and Project Management
  • Engineering Management and Disciplines
  • Front-line Supervision
  • The AWP/WFP Group
  • Project Controls
  • Procurement and Commissioning

AWP Procedures:

Comprehensive AWP / WFP Guidelines, Exhibits, Procedures, and Templates. These guidelines are all adaptable and scalable to your projects.

Contract Guidelines:

Communicate your AWP program to your clients and supply chain partners using effective contract strategy, contractual language recommendations, and contract guidelines/exhibits, including subcontractor enablement programs adaptable to project types across your portfolio of projects.

AWP Roles:

Defining and fulfilling key AWP and WFP roles such as AWP Managers, AWP technicians, and Workface Planners.

AWP Org Overlay:

Re-aligning the integrated project organization’s current set of processes, procedures and practices with an effective AWP program that accelerates the adoption of AWP and Lean principles with minimal disruption.

RASCI Matrix:

Comprehensive AWP Role and Responsibility Matrix organized by functional groups, key roles within the functional groups, and key activities aligned with AWP activities. The RASCI is organized to cover all key AWP capabilities necessary to address all phases of the project delivery life cycle.