Utilize our Technology Services to design and deploy dashboards to graphically display multiple data sources in an instant read-and-digest format to allow real time decision making, ensuring the right software is matched to the right hardware to meet demand. From dashboards to virtual construction models to building automation tools, we will evaluate your needs and help you make the right choices.

  • AWP

    Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) aligns engineering, procurement and fabrication with the sequencing needs of site installation and turnover to operations. It all starts with the end in mind.

  • WFP

    Workface Planning (WFP) helps improve safety and decrease risk on your large-scale construction projects by getting the right things to the right people at the right time.

  • LEAN

    Lean Project Delivery (LPD) structures work to maximize value and minimize waste by focusing the delivery team on optimizing the project as a whole. It redefines “control” from a command and control hierarchy to a distributed framework.


    Our Time on Tools activity analysis process, which utilizes established work-sampling protocols, will quantify how craft utilization inefficiencies are negatively impacting your bottom line.

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