Unlock new opportunities, achieve reliable performance and predictable results.

Construct-X is here to revolutionize the way you approach your projects.

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Building the future together

Our goal is to enable improved team productivity and deliver a better project experience for all stakeholders. It is our mission to introduce the right tools and process to the project to ensure everyone can execute tasks with maximum efficiency and attain best in class project delivery performance.

Construct-X - Acknowledged industry experts

Whether you’re an owner/operator, EPC, general contractor, sub-contractor, engineer, procurement specialist, construction manager or a vendor with delivery requirements, partner with us to achieve more successful outcomes.

What we do

Construct-X offers a range of AWP, Lean and Technology programs & services designed to increase value to client, lower risk, reduce waste, boost productivity and ensure quality and safety.

Next-Gen Project Delivery Specialists

Construct-X- where construction meets optimization. The construction sector is complex and ever-changing, but our goal remains the same – deliver more.

Build it right, the first time, on plan, on budget, and on time.

Together, we’ll make it happen – the right way, every day.

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Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consultants offer Business Value Analysis (BVA), workshops and solution designs with implementation plans to align leadership and create a comprehensive AWP/Lean Construction program blueprint complete with integrated policies and procedures.

Our consultants can develop and execute an implementation plan to guide the successful rollout of the program within your organization.

Education & Training

Comprehensive Education, Training & Coaching programs targeting executives, project leaders and team members around AWP and Lean methodologies introducing tools, processes and policies both in real and virtual classrooms settings. 

We make a long-term commitment to the learning journey of our partners who have adopted a continuous education plan.

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Technology Services

Utilize our Technology Services to design and implement an integrated solution to support AWP / Lean objectives.

Create and deploy dashboards to graphically display multiple data sources in an intuitive format to allow real time decision making.

From system architecture to virtual construction models to automation tools, we evaluate your data requirements, digital threads and digital twin goals and help you make the right decisions.



Staffing Services

Construct-X offers a premier service of AWP and Lean Construction staffing.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering the skilled workforce you need to take your construction projects to the next level.

We understand the unique challenges and complexities of AWP + Lean, and we are committed to delivering the skilled and motivated staff you need to meet those challenges head-on. 

Some Word From Our Clients


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CEO Surya Kretek

How We Do IT

Construct-X works with its clients to implement a systematic approach to analyze, deploy and optimize AWP and Lean methodologies across the organization and their supply chain. We accomplish this by recognizing that each organization requires a tailor-made solution. This includes utilizing enabling tools and advanced technology to achieve desired, sustainable, and scalable outcomes.


Set up your program for success

  • Assess organizational readiness to adopt a next-gen project delivery program to understand the gaps between current state and desired future state.
  • Engage selected project team members on roles and responsibilities to meet your program’s success objectives.
  • Establish ‘fit-for-purpose’ processes and procedures for adoption within the organization.
  • Leverage best practices and tools to create a program infrastructure.
  • Define success metrics and KPIs to drive process improvements as required.
  • Identify a program and technology implementation roadmap for immediate deployment.


Unlock Possibilites with a tailored program launch

  • Launch the implementation of your next-gen AWP/Lean project delivery program.
  • Extend ‘fit-for-purpose’ processes and procedures to cover a broader set of projects and departments.
  • Tune, adjust and refine team roles and responsibilities based upon specific organization or project needs.
  • Streamline workflows and capabilities with automated and integrated processes.
  • Institute continuous improvement program leveraging AWP/Lean success metrics.
  • Increase digital capability and delivery effectiveness by leveraging existing and adding new technologies to empower scalability.


Drive your next-Gen program across boundaries

  • Empower your entire organization with the knowledge of program best practices.
  • Implement effective oversight and monitoring to support a continuous improvement program.
  • Leverage business intelligence to enable your team to make smarter, data-informed decisions.
  • Optimize process and procedures to enhance benefits and eliminate waste.
  • Drive deeper integration of program workflows within the organization and expand to partners.
  • Advance your practice to achieve year-over-year sustainable improvement in program performance.
  • Drive and scale beneficial culture change across the organization and project teams to increase value delivered.

Our Reach

Construct-X offers direct representation in the United States and in different countries around the world through its partner network.